Eye and Vision Exams

Do you see as well as you used to?

Adults should have their vision checked every year. Serious eye and other general medical conditions can be diagnosed during eye exams. Your eye exam includes a health history, a comprehensive refraction and eye coordination tests. We will also inspect your optic nerve and retina, and measure your glaucoma test pressures. Get the care you need right here with a quality, comprehensive exam. Dr. Underwood works together with many area eye specialist should a referral be necessary.

Your child’s eyesight is critical to success in school

An estimated one-quarter of children suffer in school because of an undiagnosed vision problem. Your child’s eyes should be examined by one year of age by an optometrist. Protect your child’s vision with eye exams to catch minor problems before they get more serious. There are common signs that can indicate vision problems.

  • Squinting, rubbing or blinking the eyes frequently
  • Having trouble seeing the board or front of the room at school
  • Using a finger as a place mark when reading
  • Closing or covering one eye to focus
  • Holding reading materials close to the face
  • Red or irritated eyes

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